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Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

Discover the new AI-driven features of our CRM for salespeople. Now available in all our plans at no extra cost.

4 min read

Gartner’s Capterra awards ForceManager as the CRM Best Ease of Use of 2022 

2 min read

Discover ForceManager’s new website, inspired by you 

Welcome to our new look and feel! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a fresh and innovative website that showcases our sales CRM.

6 min read

ForceManager’s improvements for iOS 15

2 min read


HRBenefits is one of the most reputable independent employee benefits consulting firms across the United States.

1 min read

Packard Wheeler Succession

The ForceManager 5500 mobile app is Uber for retirement plan prospecting.

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MilleniuM Investment & Retirement Advisors

MilleniuM Investment & Retirement Advisors (MIRA) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm catering to qualified plans around the United States.

2 min read

How to notify new ForceManager opportunities in Slack

In this guide, we will see an easy example in which we connect ForceManager with Slack.

6 min read

How to export ForceManager accounts in a Google Sheets

Via Google Sheets and Zapier you can easily setup a process that will allow you to fill a spreadsheet when a new account is added to ForceManager.

6 min read

How to convert Leads collected via HubSpot Form in ForceManager accounts

Via HubSpot and Zapier you can easily create your form and stick it to ForceManager, to skip the process of inserting manually those leads into the CRM.

9 min read

How to use ForceManager 5500 and LinkedIn to reach plan sponsors directly

When it comes to tracking leads and opportunities, we’ve noticed a trend among the advisors we serve.

3 min read

Five ways ForceManager 5500 helps TPAs grow their business

There’s never been an easy solution for TPAs to track leads, manage their prospecting activity and streamline the sales process. Until now.

3 min read

How 401(k) advisors can use ForceManager 5500 to streamline their sales and marketing

How are you currently tracking retirement plan leads and opportunities?

4 min read

ForceManager 5500, Get Ready for the Recovery

Chuck Hammond, Chief Digital Officer and Co-Founder at The 401(k) Study Group® discusses the importance of relationships to stay competitive in the 401(k) space in 2021.  

3 min read

ForceManager and ERISApedia launch ForceManager 5500

ForceManager 5500, the first Sales Enablement tool to combine plan data intelligence with a robust CRM

3 min read

4 Ways Sales Teams Can Secure Their Data While Remote

One of the most important aspects for any business transitioning to remote work is ensuring that all data remains safe and secure.

4 min read