Carrier Allocation

Innovative software application designed to drive accuracy and efficiency in forecasting to ocean carriers securing capacity at contracted rates ensuring goods arrive at the right place at the right time.

Carrier Allocation is a collaborative web-portal designed and developed by Expeditors that forecasts, plans, and connects customers, carriers, and forwarders weeks in advance of shipping to determine the optimal flow of product prior to the book process.



Everything On One Platform


Proprietary software application with configurable business rules to meet your specific forecasting and allocation goals.


Leverage the power of customized dashboards to provide visibility to manage your shipments from planning to Delivery at Destination.


The portal leverages the optimal Plan data and collection of as-shipped data, to create industry leading KPI's on carrier performance, shipper adherence to plans, and execution trends, generating supply chain agility and resiliency.

Application Features

Work with carriers on space, shortfalls and disruptions.

Create proactive, optimized and executable shipping plans.

Collaborative web-portal designed to forecast, plan and connect customers, carriers and forwarders weeks in advance of shipping to determine the optimal flow of products.

Direct orders or order types to specific carriers and strings.

Make changes to your strategy based on what is best for your supply chain.

Balance carrier commitments with additional opportunities.

Plan in advance to make improve on-time delivery and adjust for changes.

Trend and report upon carrier shortfalls and flexibility to make data-based improvements.

Take advantage of useable data to streamline your supply chain.


Digital Solutions: Carrier Allocation

Continuing a series of discussions around visibility and technology supporting it, Senior Manager of Carrier Allocation Staci Alalem-Clark talks about capacity planning for ocean shipments and how this historically manual process is being changed by software to provide stronger visibility and flexibility for shippers.