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Our web-based solutions to compliance challenges.  

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Your Partner in Trade Compliance

Tradeflow is a web-based software suite we offer to customers as a subscription (Software as a Service) access. Our system provides the platform and tools to help importers and exporters gain more control of the trade management and compliance activities required in moving goods across customs borders.

Divided into integrated modules, or centres, Tradeflow facilitates activities such as global product classification, landed cost estimation, regulatory controls research, compliance management, electronic booking, document creation, and restricted party screening.

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distinct harmonized schedules

tariffs (countries)

HS Codes

trade preferences

duty rates

Tradeflow helps importers and exporters with:

Time and money savings

Choose what's right for your organization

  • Choose only the application modules for your exact needs, saving money over an alternative of buying a full application suite.
  • With web-based access and a centrally managed data repository, save time by not having to manually provide information.
Customs compliance

Your entry to global trade compliance

  • By aggregating over 160 countries for tariff classification, we make it faster and less costly for you.
  • Avoid shipments to restricted parties to sustain a good trade compliance program and protect your company from any penalties.
Collaboration with trade partners

Stay connected with all parties

  • Utilize a product/SKU database and list of trade partner addresses to quickly pull together the shipment details and commercial documents in a more consistent manner.
  • Tradeflow integrates your system data (such as an ERP) to allow data to move automatically between systems, avoiding the need to manage duplicate entry.

Harmonized Schedule and Tariff Updates

Each year, we see changes in many countries' Harmonized Tariff with frequent updates throughout the year. Read about our experience in 2021.

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Vetting New Suppliers and Customers When Supply Chains Shift

Over a year after it began disrupting supply chains across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause unprecendented disruption of goods moving from manufacturers to their ultimate destination - a customer’s warehouse or store. Learn about the importance of vetting new business partners amid supply chain disruption.

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Assessing New Commodity Regulations When Supply Chains Shift

Recent changes in supplier and customer relations has brought about the need to assess regulations related to specific commodities. Learn the importance of understanding new commodity regulations in the midst of supply chain disruption.

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Trade Compliance

Tracking the success of a trade compliance can be a bit difficult when no news is considered a sign of success. Nicolaas Beehler, Director of Tradeflow at Expeditors, shares his thoughts on how underlying issues can reveal themselves over time and how to advocate for investments in measuring trade compliance.


“Tradeflow offers an excellent solution that can be set up quickly and inexpensively, that works with a variety of service providers, and does not require a long-term contract. It is a simple solution to many complex supply chains.”

Michael Bellezza, Vice President, Tradewin